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The Breast Cancer Coalition is the only full-scope, independently-operated organization focused on serving breast and gynecologic cancer survivors in Central and Western New York regions. We are a diverse group of breast and gynecologic cancer activists, survivors, warriors, and advocates. 

Here, you have full access to our array of communications, including our quarterly newsletters, blog posts, and press releases. Stay informed and engaged with our latest updates, insights, and announcements.

Coalition Newsletters

The Coalition’s quarterly newsletter is full of information regarding breast and gynecologic cancer, inspiring stories, and program opportunities.

Coalition Blog

The Coalition’s blog offers pieces on the latest science and personal experiences of living in the aftermath of breast or gynecologic cancer.

Coalition News

The Coalition regularly submits press releases to local media regarding the latest research, program offerings and survivor stories. 

Coalition History

For more than 25 years, the Breast Cancer Coalition has been dedicated to empowering, educating, and supporting individuals facing a breast cancer and, more recently, a gynecologic cancer diagnosis. Delve into our history to discover how a simple gathering among friends over coffee blossomed into the impactful organization we are today.

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