Advocacy Day – 2009

The Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester held its bi-annual New York State Local Advocacy Day on April 2, 2009. Members of the committee spent the day meeting with State Senators and Assemblypersons representing the greater Rochester area.

Coalition members with Assemblymember Susan John.

Lila Bluestone, Assemblymember Susan John,
Jean Lazeroff, and Marianne Sargent

Coalition members meet with Assemblymember Joe Morelle.

Ann Da Silva Tella, Rebecca Solomon, Assemblymember Joe Morelle, Jean Lazeroff, and Lila Bluestone

On May 2, eight members of the BCCR Advocacy Committee traveled to Washington DC. Along with eight hundred other attendees, they participated in the National Breast Cancer Coalition Training Conference.

Phyllis Connelly meets Dr. Jill Biden.

Dr. Jill Biden, wife of Vice President Joe Biden, with Phyllis Connelly.

Lori Griffin meets Dr. Dennis Slamon in Washington, DC.

Lori Griffin with Dr. Dennis Slamon

The Coalition advocated in Washington, DC on behalf of breast cancer survivors.

BCCR Advocacy committee representatives

Coalition members listen to Senator Kirsten Gillabrand speak at NBCC.

Senator Kirsten Gillabrand

Senator Charles Schummer speaks to breast cancer survivor advocates.

Senator Charles Schumer

Legislative Assistant Hasan Sarsour meets with Coalition advocates.

BCCR advocacy representatives with Legislative Assistant, Hasan Sarsour

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