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Advocacy Day 2008, A Poem | BCCR

Advocacy Day 2008

Kelli Schwert

This a poem about Advocacy Day

when we arose in the morn and hopped on the bus

bleary-eyed at 5:00 a.m.,

for at least the most of us.

You’d think you’d have to be insane

to ride four hours at the break of day

instead of nudging your common-law partner

for one more roll in the hay.

Yet we had a mission to accomplish

tasks to do, people to meet

and, hopefully, with our stack of evidence

knock those peeps in Albany offa their feet.

Our missives were color-coded (lavender, goldenrod, azure)

our objective was tried and true,

to have understanding, support, ACTION

and not to stand long in a queue.

Good news! The elected-officials were receptive

impressed with our organizational skills

I was there a smiling representation

of a horrible disease that kills.

I got some sympathy hugs from 2 reps

Who make all the laws

I bet they were happy to hear me say

My canca’s mine and not yaws.

I say that in jest, of course

‘cause I’ll never be happy to have it.

My mets are chewing up my body

like a voracious, underfed rabbit.

However, we got their attention!

We shared our info and talked

everyone told their story and our representatives listened

and at the marble halls we gawked.

Even though I got lost. Once.

I’m writing all this under my yellow fleece blankie

That Gail gave me at Pluta

While around me my colleagues bustle about

Having their wine and fooda.

I’ll surely make the next trip

no matter when it is

even if I’m tied to an IV pole

or tired out like this.

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