A 6-Week Mindfulness & Meditation Class Offered in Canandaigua, NY

The Breast Cancer Coalition is pleased to offer…

free 6-week Mindfulness & Meditation class
for breast cancer survivors and gynecologic cancer survivors
in the Canandaigua area!

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Life In Asymmetry Book Review

Raychel Kubby Adler’s new book is a memoir about living with a genetic predisposition to breast and gynecologic cancers.

Click here to read a review of Life In Asymmetry published in our most recent newsletter.

Pink Ribbon Myth #5: Breast cancer treatment should be aggressive.


Ribbon Busters for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Ribbon Buster!

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Pink Ribbon Myth #4: Women under 50 are more often diagnosed with breast cancer.


Breast Cancer Coalition Ribbon Buster

Ribbon Buster!

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Pink Ribbon Myth #3: If you have family members diagnosed with breast cancer, it is likely you will be too.


Ribbon Buster for Oct 16 2017

Ribbon Buster!

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