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Who We Are


Christina Thompson, Executive Director/President

Pat Battaglia, Associate Communications Director

Deb Bishop, Director of Communications

Ali Dennison, Director of Programs

Silvia Gambacorta-Hoffman, Research Administrator

Lisa Martin, Special Events Coordinator

Yvonne Paul, Associate Program Director

Andrea Reynolds, Program Assistant

Helana Shumway, Community Engagement Liaison

Carly Spadafora, Office Manager

Meredith Utman, Director of Special Events

Board of Directors

Melinda Goldberg, Chair

Kathleen Guglielmi, Past Chair

Anna Mulcahy, Treasurer

Colleen Molina, Secretary

Mary Eileen (Mel) Callan

Gina DiMonda

Nancy Gramkee-Cuer

Shahzad Mustafa

Umbereen Mustafa

Sylvia Cappellino, Chair Emeriti

Patricia Cataldi, Chair Emeriti

Phyllis Connelly, Chair Emeriti

Christina Thompson, President

Advisory Council

The Advisory Council of the Breast Cancer Coalition is a group of experts from diverse fields who assist our organization in fulfilling its mission in the broadest possible way. Serving as independent, unbiased professional advisors to Coalition staff and members of the Board of Directors, they assist with specific questions, concerns, and issues related to their individual fields of expertise throughout the year. Once a year, members of our Advisory Council gather at the Coalition, along with our staff and survivors of breast or gynecologic cancer, to share experiences and expertise while reminding each other of the truth that it takes a community to serve a community. We at the Coalition are grateful to our Advisory Council for their vital role in our community and their commitment to our mission.

Kathleen Guglielmi, Chair

Ashley Amalfi, MD

Cynthia Angel, MD

Melisande Bianchi

Gunhilde Buchsbaum, MD

Christopher Caldwell, MD

Sue Callan-Harris, PT

Marti Casper

Rachel David, MD

Deanna Dewberry

Dianne Edgar, MD

Carla Falkson, MD

Rachel Farkas, MD

Katie Flynn

Nancy Gadziala, MD

Jeannie Gainsburg, MS

Chi-Chen Hong, PhD

Alissa Huston, MD

Farhan Imran, MD

Lesley James, MD

Kim Johnson-Riccio

Katrina Korfmacher, PhD

Pebble Kranz, MD

Kelly Krupa, MD

Howard Langstein, MD

Marilyn Ling, MD

Candice Lucas, EdD, MBA

Katherine Macbeth-Evra

Kelley Madden, PhD

Sandy Monahan

Avice O’Connell, MD

Ruth O’Regan, MD

Luke Peppone, PhD, MPH

Elizabeth Ruder, PhD, MPH, RDN

Ginny Ryan

Jessica Salamone, Scm, CGC

Posy Seifert, DO

Kristin Skinner, MD

Owen Toale

Mary Jo Tobin, DDS

Rachael Turner, MD, PhD

Stephen Vega, MD

Anna Weiss, MD

Robert Weiss, PhD

Joel Yellin, MD

Research Advisory Board

Marc A. Antonyak, PhD

Holly Anderson

Wendy Bachhuber

Gunhilde Buchsbaum, MD

Beverly Canin

Alison Currie

Janet Cooper

Robin Cortese

Gokul Das, PhD 

Sharon S. Evans, PhD

Silvia Gambacorta-Hoffman

Scott A. Gerber, PhD

Zhihong Gong, PhD  

Nancy Gramkee-Cuer

Jill Gress  

Wendy Gottorff

Chi-Chen Hong, PhD

Kelly R. Hume, DVM, DACVIM

Daromell Jackson

Beverly Jasinski

Nancy Johnson

Kelley Madden, PhD

Helene McMurray, PhD 

Julie Overbeck

Amber Petrolla MD 

Leni Rayburn

Bob Riter

Saeed Sheikh, MD, PHD

Judith Stewart

Bradley Monroe Turner, MD, MPH, MHA  

Rachael B. Turner, MD, PhD  

Jeanne Verhulst

Robert Weiss, PhD

Hong Zhang, MD, PhD


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