Young Survivor Soiree

Held Four Times A Year

girly-grunge-copyWhat is a young survivor? Only an individual can determine whether or not the term fits. It could apply to a woman of any age, but it usually refers to those between the ages of 20 and 50.

A young survivor can identify with those who have been dealt a breast or gynecologic cancer blow in the midst of a career climb, or while raising children; or perhaps with those whose family plans have been derailed by treatment. Four times a year, young survivors gather at the Breast Cancer Coalition for our Young Survivor Soirees. These get-togethers are an informal way to meet and hang out with other survivors who have faced a similar journey.

The next YOUNG SURVIVOR SOIREE will be held in November.
Stay tuned for details!



The September Soiree was great fun! Beautiful triple wrap bracelets were created, delicious Asian fare enjoyed, and plenty of laughs were shared!


All Coalition programs are free unless otherwise noted. We invite you to view our program calender here.

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