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Breast Cancers

What to Do Now

Breathe. That’s the first step. And we’re here to help you with the next. The Breast Cancer Coalition is made up of breast and gynecologic cancer survivors, supporters, a caring staff, and a passionate community.

You Are Not Alone

The Coalition has helped hundreds of women (and men) who have been diagnosed with breast and gynecologic cancer. Our experience and knowledge has led us to create a space where you can come for support and education, to learn about issues impacting the breast and gynecologic cancer community, and if desired, to participate in events and advocacy.

If you have received a diagnosis of breast or gynecologic cancer, you are invited to learn about our free programs from support/networking groups, to writing workshops designed to help you process your experience, to our Healing Arts initiative  – classes for your body, mind, and spirit.

The Coalition welcomes survivors from those newly diagnosed, to those who have many years behind them to those experiencing a recurrent or advanced disease.

Next Steps

If you have been recently diagnosed, you might be interested in Breast Cancer 101 or Breast Cancer 201. We encourage you to come to our non-traditional, drop-in support group, Brown Bag Lunch – no RSVP required!

We also invite you to call our office directly at (585) 473-8177 and ask to speak with someone who can help you learn more about our diverse programs. Together, we’ll take the next step.

Breast CANCER 101

A “BC101” is a one-to-one session to assist newly diagnosed individuals manage the complex tasks and emotions of a breast cancer diagnosis; although it is never too late for a BC101. We empower them to be self-advocates as they proceed through treatment, recovery, and survivorship. Our professional facilitators provide a safe, comfortable atmosphere where information can be absorbed and assimilated while the individual formulates a personal strategy for making informed decisions. Also valuable for a gyn cancer survivor at any stage of their journey. Call (585) 473-8177 or email us for an appointment.


PALS (Peer Advocates Lending Support) is the Coalition’s peer mentoring program for those facing a recent diagnosis of breast or gynecologic cancer. Our trained peer mentors reach out to those who desire to speak with a survivor who has faced a similar situation. Mentors provide the reassurance of one-to-one contact with someone who’s “been there,” help the newly diagnosed connect with needed resources, and instill confidence during a difficult time. Call (585) 473-8177 or email us to learn how you can be paired with a mentor, or if you would like to become involved as a mentor.

31 Things To Know About Breast Cancer

No matter when you received your diagnosis, there’s always new information to learn and share with other survivors and your community. We have compiled “31 Things To Know” as a starting point.

Together we are an informed and empowered community of survivors!

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